Chris Jackson

Coach & Strategist

Port Saint Lucie, FL


  • Master of Business Administration – American Military University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice – Marshall University

Skills & Industry Experience

  1. Personal Development Coaching
  2. Stock Market Investing Coaching
  3. Leadership & Management
  4. Strategic Marketing

Chris is a very talented entrepreneur who enjoys helping other people and providing solutions. He not only has a background ranging from the military to law enforcement, he also holds value to the business world. Having extensive knowledge and resourcefulness in creating, maintaining, and establishing branding solutions, he can provide you with a multitude of services.

As a military veteran and law enforcement officer, I am dedicated to not only my community but also my fellow brothers and sisters in both the armed forces and those who are police officers. I want to be able to help motivate and inspire them whether it is life in general or in business.  Download my free book right this second so you can start harnessing the power of your warrior mindset right now.

Chris has made a tremendous impact on the business warrior who needs an upper edge when it comes to finding the right solutions for those seeking an edge within their respective markets. Holding an innovative ability to think “outside of the box” his capability can be endless when it comes to being creative, hard-working, and fundamentally sound for providing solutions in the tactical, business, and professional world of today.


Personal Goals:

With having goals written down, or in my case down on this site, it is more likely that I will make sure to achieve them. It’s a fact that those who write down their goals and read them daily are 30% more likely to meet them.

  1. Achieve my own success & goals by empowering warriors.
  2. Obtain enough financial freedom to build a vacation getaway for warriors.
  3. To build a gym franchise devoted to warriors.
  4. Build Warrior Wealth Solutions large enough to provide job opportunities to vetrepreneurs.


Why Choose Chris


When it comes to Chris’s ability to speak to audiences within the military community he can provide you with the needed resources when it comes to an array of topics. Those topics include; unleashing your inner warrior ie. performance, leadership, defining personal life values, techniques for setting goals, teamwork, organizational structure, and life after the military.


Chris can speak to such individuals about their personal goals, and topics to include; personal finances, becoming a leader, proper marketing campaigns for administrations (social media marketing – the do’s and do not’s), personal development, community policing, threat assessment, motivation and self-worth, life after law enforcement.


Having created multiple online businesses, Chris can speak with audiences on topics within business including; social media marketing, building websites, understanding consumer demand, personal branding, business development, planning, financial structuring, employee leadership, and management, proper goal setting, time management.


Chris can provide you with an approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, facilitating learning & growth within your business, agency or personal career. He focuses on leadership qualities rather than the traditional styling of managing. He also helps improve and provides quality engagement with consumers, audiences, and employees.


Having the right education is vital when it comes to understanding cash flow and investment strategies that will help grow your portfolio. With my self-directed investing education, I teach individuals how to steadily grow and produce cash flow without the discomfort when it comes to the stock market. Create steady growth without the worry of the direction in the stock market and invest more comfortably knowing you’re in control.


People often go through changes in life whether it is career changes or personal. Chris Jackson transition coaching will help military veterans, police officers, business owners, and simply you when it comes to life-changing events. Chris specializes in military and law enforcement transitioning from that lifestyle over to the business world. Chris can also provide one on one mentoring for life after the battlefield.

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