Self Defense & Asset Protection

Self Defense & Asset Protection

Our self-defense and asset protection services not only provide you with the training to protect yourself from an attacker, it is a basic countermeasure against any threat to your well-being and others.

Let’s ask ourselves this, would I be able to defend myself or even my family from an attacker or threat? We need to face this simple question especially today for the fact that violence exists and it probably will never go away. It’s a fact of life that we must come to reality with and be prepared when it comes to this type of survival solution.

A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.Bruce Lee

With the Warrior Wealth Solutions Self-Defense and Asset Protection Service, we will provide you with a professional instructor who has the training and experience that will deliver to you the needed training to protect, provide focus, and help you with your defense solutions.

Self-Defense & Asset Protection Process

Before we do anything, our instructor will discuss with you if we are the right choice for you. We will get to know what your goal and reasoning is for the needed instruction, develop an understanding of your weakness and then discuss our service.

Our instructors will then provide you with information and discuss our packages on how we can provide valued customer satisfaction to you and your needs. We will provide you with pricing and the needed resources to ensure a quality platform for your instruction. We can offer solo or group pricing. Perfect for adults, children, corporate executives, law enforcement, and other related careers, and individuals.

Why our service is so great

Our self-defense and asset protection service not only helps with the instructions on how to defend yourself against an attacker(s) but also goes more in-depth on mind, body, and strength focusing. Self-defense tactics and studies help improve positivity, helps with depression, anger, and simple mind control techniques that have been used for centuries.

  • Excellent for individuals seeking basic & advanced self-defense;
  • Great for children of all ages;
  • Great for corporate and businessmen;
  • Great for law enforcement, private security, and those in similar industries;
  • Great for mind and focus needs;


Contact us today on how we can provide you with the needed self-defense instruction, mind and energy focus needs, and more. Our service can be with groups or one on one and in multiple sessions.