Tips to Keeping the Mind Sharp

Tips to Keeping the Mind Sharp

“Tis the sharpness of our mind that gives the edge to our pains and pleasures.” – Michel de Montaigne


It is not possible to overstate the importance of an individual keeping their mind sharp. Each of us is part of an informational and intellectual economy. It thrives on intelligence, creativity, and ideas. When people keep their mind sharp, they can be sure to have the edge over the competition, with reaching higher levels of happiness.

An individual that has their mind in top shape will be able to:

  • Remember more
  • Do more
  • Have a greater focus and motivation
  • Have greater life experiences
  • Have more creative ideas
  • Easily find inspirations

There are a number of practices that are beneficial and that have proven to help individuals sharpen their minds. Some of the practices are:

Reading More and Absorb More Knowledge

While most people consider education as a preparation for life, I consider it as life itself.  Above all, education should be pleasurable and performed for intrinsic purposes. It is important to read blogs on topics that are both within an individual’s field of interest or topics of new fields that one has no knowledge of. We should read more books, watch lectures, and take in new art forms that we have not experienced before. All of these activities help to challenge our minds and broaden horizon’s while soaking up new information.

Learning New Skills or New Crafts

A sharp mind can be created when an individual engages their mind in learning new skills or new crafts. It’s never too late to learn something new. However, it is crucial to start learning while we are young. Life is too short and we often find ourselves saying that we should have started earlier. Don’t be one of the statistics that fall victim! Learning new skills helps in opening of a new path for an individual’s mind and also helps them to become better in whatever they are already good at. New skills would open an individual’s connections as well as their social circle since they will be engaging themselves in new forms of art, hobby, or trade.

Eating Well, Exercising Often, and Ensuring That You Sleep Well

In order to get your mind’s best performance, it is crucial to give it proper rest. Although this point is quite explanatory, most people, however, do not remember that they to need to have proper rest and a proper fuel so that the mind will function optimally. Having a few days of rest, vigorous exercise, and nutritious food will help to put you back to yourself especially if you have been feeling stressed, or depressed.


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