Recharging Creativity

Recharging Creativity

  “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Creativity is known to strike randomly.  While there are times when we generate an overabundance of creativity, other times we might go for days, weeks or even months while we are stuck on a single project and are not able to move forward to something different. There are however times when we are in a position to give creativity a nudge. Below are some tips that I find effective and can help to recharge creativity.


One great way to clear your mind is by getting away from whatever you normally do on a consistent basis and simply consider going out for a jog or going for swimming. This allows us to get away from our work like environment and into a natural environment. If you are involved in art or photography you might consider your personal studio as a creative space. However, it is not in a natural environment. Excise helps to remove excess energy from our body. When this excess energy is removed, we would consequently have removed excess baggage from our mind. The human mind follows the body at all times.

Listen to Different Music Genres

If you are into the Soul industry and listen to it each and every day of the week, then there is no doubt that you will soon follow bits of stylistic patterns within your music. You would, however, be surprised by what you are missing. Consider looking for an artist that is not the obvious choice in the type of music that you always listen to. You want to choose new styles that you had never thought to include into your music choice. As the saying goes, “the most inspiring results are yield by unlikely combinations.”

Breaking the Routine

Another great way to recharge your creativity is taking the weekend off. During this time you should not do what you normally do in your free time. You might consider visiting the local planetarium in your area and have a laser light show or just go and visit a friend that you might not have seen in a while. Whatever way that you choose to spend the weekend, you will definitely come back having a fresh perspective, and therefore you would have recharged your creativity.


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