It's Not Always About The Money But...

It's Not Always About The Money But...

While at work or in life, you encounter two mindsets that we as humans carry:

  1. Positive / Opportunists 
  2. Negative / Skeptics 

People who think positive, enlightened with every moment, and always thinking ahead are generally successful more times than not.

This differs from those with skeptical illusions that they believe and are always negative.

At your job, you are more likely to encounter the negative Nancey’s who are always looking to bring you down, while bringing themselves down right?

I want to give you a reminder of those things you probably hear on a day to day basis…….

The Negativity Rebuttal Manual

Study these phrases and responses so you can counter negative thoughts and ideas:

Co-Worker Says: “Money isn’t everything and it doesn’t always make you happy….”

Warrior Response: “Money may not make me happy, but being broke doesn’t make me happy either. And it sure can buy me a boat :)”

Co-Worker Says: “That’s impossible.”

Warrior Response: “I can do anything I set my mind to, as long as I take full responsibility and never give up.”

Co-Worker Says: “Thank God it’s Friday.”

Warrior Response: “I’m working towards my dreams this weekend. Thank God I’m Free.”

Co-Worker Says: “Patience is a Virtue.”

Warrior Response: “Those who wait, never come first, urgency  is divine, so I’ll hurry..”

Co-Worker Says: “We can’t do that.”

Warrior Response: “We’ll find a way.”

Co-Worker Says: “I don’t have time.”

Warrior Response: “I control my time. I’m not looking at managing an hour; I’m looking at devouring minutes.”

Co-Worker Says: “I’m only human.”

Warrior Response: “I’m super-human.”

Co-Worker Says: “I hate Mondays.”

Warrior Response: “You wouldn’t hate MON-day if you were making MON-ey.”

The next time your co-worker or those around you say something you just read, give them a response that will shut their mouth. Often we fall victim to negativity and it is the number one killer of success. So stop letting others bring you down, kick ass, and get to work!


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