Embracing Uncertainty

Embracing Uncertainty

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

-Frank A. Clark


There are times when a person may feel like they are not good enough. I, for instance, used to think that everyone was given a handbook for life and I was denied it. I used to wait for that perfect moment when it would arrive and then suddenly, something would come up to make it feel as though it wasn’t as perfect as it should have been. After many days, weeks, and months of self-loathing and doubts, I thought it may be better to sit down and try to make sense of what I was going through in my life. I was determined to find out why I felt insignificant. I came up with tips that helped me to embrace my uncertainty. Here are some of the tips that I came up with and that might be helpful to everyone who is starting something new or that is about to step into the unknown.

Reframing Of Imperfection

Most people use perfection as a shield to hide from their true gifts. I discovered that the things I thought were my biggest flaws were actually my greatest gifts. For me, this was speaking and writing. Now I am finding myself doing it as a motivation that drives me to help others.  Therefore, the most important thing that people should do is to reframe their meaning of imperfection. In order to see your strengths more clearly, it is important not to embrace your imperfections as faults, but rather embracing them to demonstrate the unique gift that you have. Suck it up, and take control of yourself! After all, no one is your biggest critic other than yourself.


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One Should Avoid Seeking Other People’s Approval

It is a fact that everyone wants to be loved and accepted. There for it is important to not wait around waiting on praise, and seeking approval from others. For us to live the kind of life that we desire, we should, however, tell the truth about who we truly are. This is not an easy thing to do as it requires practice. This practice might involve keeping track of the good choices we make in our lives, the successes that we have made, and the things we have done that make us proud of ourselves. This practice helps strengthen ourselves, and we won’t need to look for other people to give us answers.

Rethinking About Risks

When starting anything new, there are many things that one might be uncertain about. As a learning opportunity, it would be helpful to reframe such moments of uncertainty and the outcomes of our actions. In order to move out of the comfort zone and move into a learning zone, we should consider taking small risks. Remember, without risk, there is no reward!


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