Cut the Excuses

Cut the Excuses

First off let me explain something that will help you in anything that you may do in life, business, or any other venture. Make no excuse for ANY result. The results that we expect, are only generated by ourselves, and no one else.

One of the most common things we are conditioned to do as human beings is to pass the buck or blame some external factor. However, the only thing to really blame is ourselves. We grew up blaming our parents, our teachers, our bosses, and many other people along with objects, or external factors, however, GUESS WHAT????

Not one person owes you anything!  If something isn’t how you want it to be; CHANGE IT. Simple.

Whether it is a lack of money, clothes, food, job satisfaction or whatever the case may be, you have given enough excuses to play pity on those issues, but the time is now for you to STOP MAKING EXCUSES, own up to your planning or methods to which you take that produces such “horrible” outcomes and change it up! Not tomorrow, not two weeks from now, not even next month, DO IT NOW!

TRUST ME on this. As a veteran who served in Iraq, and then came home to continue to do the greater good and became a police officer, NO ONE comes up to me and offers sorrow for when things don’t go as planned or such struggles that have happened in THE PAST. Just as it’s highlighted for you, it’s the past! Time to grasp those past experiences, and man the hell up!

This is the first step to any success, wealth, health, relationships, and basically the whole cycle of life. If you want to become successful, whether it is with your finances, healthy living, or as noted, a relationship, it is time to suck it up and own up to YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. 100%

I know when I began my entrepreneur lifestyle, I was stuck trying to figure out what I needed to do to achieve a wide array of knowledge, and I’ll admit it, I often felt too overwhelmed, and sometimes thought that there was no way I could figure this or that out, and even sometimes expected things to come to me. However, when I accepted the fact that the only way to move forward was to take 100% responsibility for my actions and mine only, I then began to push more and more, understanding critical concepts that eventually led me to understand the correct paths and resources needed to become successful.

After understanding the 100% responsibility rule, it is also time to cut the excuses! Give them up, throw them away, whatever you must do!

Many people seem to believe that playing the victim card will earn them the right of passage, or a way of freedom to succeed. Specifically looking at today and how society plays the victimization card every single time they feel the need, and guess what, many have come before you, experiencing probably the same if not worse. And guess what, they made it, passed it, and succeeded!

The next time you feel overwhelmed, or something may not have gone the way that you planned on it, ask yourself how you could have changed the responses, what did you believe in while making the choice, or how could you have created the scenario differently.

Understanding this golden formula will help you better understand the 100% responsibility and cutting out the excuses methodology: E + R = O (Event + Responses = Outcome)

That formula will help you make better decisions, in almost anything that you do.

Many people like to change the outcomes but have no way of doing so. The response(s) that you had taken created the outcome, so why not change the responses to your events in life?

If you do not like the outcomes, change your responses! SIMPLE!

Here is one real world example of how people can change their response to a given event, and often I see this with many.

Little Johnny was struggling to pay his cell phone bill. Johnny decides that he will mow grass for the summer to pay for his cell phone bill and earn extra income. On pay day, Johnny goes and pays off his cell phone bill and with the leftover money, he sees a nice headphone set that is so rad, he has to have it. Now Johnny just spent every dime left over after paying for his cell phone, he has forgotten that he has next month to pay the bill again, again, and again each and every month, and therefore Johnny is left struggling to mow grass, and becomes wrapped up in doing so he is constantly mowing grass to make a living and pay off his bills.

Now, instead of spending the money that little Johnny had, he decides to invest it, or simply save the left over amount. Each and every month instead of buying something that seems rad, Johnny decides that after a few months, he can offer a split for someone who else would want to mow. Johnny then does this over and over, re investing and saving to the point Johnny eventually has a business that he can walk away from without doing much of the work anymore.

As you can see, the only person in control of Johnny and his outcomes is Johnny.

We can see that the only REAL thing stopping you from being successful or limiting your level of success is YOU!

YOU must understand that you can create or allow EVERYTHING to HAPPEN to YOU.

If you start NOW, owning up to your own actions and responsibilities and stop making excuses, I can promise you that you will start to see better results.


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