Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.”  – Bob Riley

When you look at the bigger picture of your life, you would see the highs and the lows as part of your journey. Most of us tend to avoid myopically focusing on different goals, and we give more attention to focus on multiple separate tasks. Rather than reacting to various events, we tend to keep our focus. While most of us have stumbled seeking for a true motivation, our goals have always served us well. Our direction, however, has not been consistent. We should determine what is more important to us so that our story would become well-defined. We desire to do many things in our life. It is not possible to be the hero in our story if we are doing everything while at the same time we are not truly doing anything at all. Most of us fall into this category and need to stop making excuses, and just start NOW!

Focus Your Energy

A simple way of doing this is by picking up a pen, grabbing paper and writing down twenty things that you desire in your life. Out of these twenty things, pick out five of them. You will now be having two lists, one where you need to focus most of your energy and the other with things you should avoid. The lists should be put on the wall where you can see them every day. By doing this, you are more likely to upkeep your end of the deal, (to yourself) and ensuring that you carry out such goals and focus!

Battle Monsters

Happiness in life is considered to be a by-product of a meaningful experience. No one can pursue happiness directly. If it is pursued directly, then it will not last. To gain happiness in life, you should consider challenging yourself and try to battle the monsters that exist in your life. It is important to understand that failure is part of any person’s life. As I have said before, the wheel of life needs to roll smoothly and thus having a balance in social relationships, financials, personal growth, family and friends, health, etc.

The Hero Returns

The hero of any story will always return home better and wiser than the way he was. It is important to always reflect on our journey, and we should share it with other people. In life, there is nothing that is worthwhile than sharing our experiences with other people. With all of the amazing technology and progress in our modern world, we have forgotten our roots. The role of tradition has been annexed slowly by modernity. As the world continues to become integrated, it also becomes easy for us to forget our relationship with life. We continue to look outside for motivation.  While we are uplifted with speeches and love quotes, we rarely turn our attention inward and find out that our actual motivation lies within ourselves.


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