3 Foolproof Action Steps for Achieving Your Daily Goals

3 Foolproof Action Steps for Achieving Your Daily Goals

How in the Hell do they do it?

Top achievers seem to be able to get a massive amount of work done while you fall further behind, sucking wind.

It’s frustrating to watch because both you and I know they have the same amount of time each day – 24 hours- to get it done.

Not only that, they have less talent and abilities than you do and they’re hitting their targets big-time, even when faced with incredible obstacles.

What if you could uncover these achiever’s secrets and use those very same tactics to attack your daily goals?   How would you feel if you could hit your short-term goals, and long-term goals, thus propelling your career and personal life to a more successful level?

In this post, we’re going to give you 3 action steps to setting your daily goals. With these 3 simple steps you’ll be able to immediately achieve and keep track of your goals; thus making those short-term goals and long-term goals a concrete reality.

Once you have a clear victory in your daily life, “BUH – BAMM!”  You’re on your way to self-mastery and success that few people experience.

Are you ready for this journey, Warrior???

Let us begin.

Proof That Our Warrior Daily Goal System Works

We’re not going to lie to you.

We didn’t invent these tactics – we implemented many of the most successful ideas for achieving daily goals we could find a package you could easily deploy.

daily goal

Just to prove to you that they work, we’re going to be transparent and reveal the successful mavericks that used these plans in their own lives.  Once you see the validation of what we’re teaching, you’ll know it’s a good idea to follow suit…Right?

Action man

Benjamin Franklin – This man achieved so much in his lifetime, it defies the imagination.  Not only was he one of the founding fathers of America, but he was a printer, author, scientist, ambassador, political advisor, and inventor.

As a matter of fact, at age 11, Franklin created an innovation that’s used by scuba divers and Navy Seals to this day – swimming fins (flippers).  He was also the first Post Master General as well as the driving force behind the American library system.

Franklin started each day writing out his daily goals.  He would rise at 5:00 AM and immediately begin to write each daily goal into his journal.  Every one of them was geared to help him accomplish his short-term goals which helped him to gain traction on his long-term goals.

Benjamin Franklin was so successful at managing time, that most of the modern day planners that we purchase in stores are modeled after his daily planner.  As a matter of fact, one of the biggest companies that publish planners is named Franklin – Covey after him.

action taker

Barbara Corcoran – If you’ve seen the TV show “Shark Tank” you will definitely know who Barbara Corcoran is.  She’s the fiery real estate mogul that can spot a winner almost instantly.  She started her empire with a mere $1000 and later sold it for an impressive $66 million dollars.

Barbara’s goal-setting strategy is simple: set them the night before.   She prioritizes her list and then executes them the next day.   Since her days are extremely busy, she can stay focused and not let other activities and situations sidetrack her.

successful goal setting

Michael Jordan – It’s almost impossible to have a discussion about the sport of basketball without mentioning the name Michael Jordan.  He is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

Despite his incredible achievements, Michael’s goal setting is relatively simple,

“I always approach everything step by step, and I always set short-term goals.  Each one of the successes in my career always led to the next one.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I didn’t make the varsity team.  So, I set a goal to be a starter on the varsity team the next year. During that summer that goal was all I could focus on and all I could think about.  Each one of my daily goals was focused on my short-term goal of making a starter. Once I accomplished that goal, I set the next one; the rest is history. ”

It’s plain to see that each small step you take will lead to the next. You must set daily goals that translate into short-term goals and eventually long-term accomplishments and successes.

How to Set, See, and Accomplish Your Daily Goals

Our Wealthy Warrior Goal Setting process is simple and flexible.  You can easily adapt this to your own system and personality.  We will also give you some great tools to help you accomplish your daily goals and get you on the fast track to seeing your dreams become a reality.

active goal setting
Taking the first step is essential to accomplishing your daily goals

Here’s the 3 step process of getting the job done:

Step 1 Thinking and Brainstorming – In this step we’ll look at how to decide all of the best possible goals for you to follow.  Not only that, we’ll look at the process of actually sitting down and thinking slowly about your goals.

Step 2 Prioritizing your goals – Ever get confused about where to start?  With this step, we’ll show you how to step back, analyze, and then list your goals.  You’ll then know which tasks to attack and finish first before moving on to less important ones.

Step 3 Visibly Listing Your Goals – We will show you proven tips, tools, and techniques for getting your goals accomplished.  By getting your goals into a visible area of where you’re working, you’ll be focused like a laser, and able to complete your tasks much quicker.

Think and Brainstorm About Your Daily Goals

Have you ever thought about the idea that you can improve your thinking?  It is a proven fact that you can. The first thing you need to understand is that thinking is not the same as intelligence.  A good way to think of this is:

 Intelligence = Possibility/Potential and Thinking =Skill/Talent.

Intelligence is more like a gift that some people may be born with, while thinking is a skill that you can develop.  While you may have a great physical body (possibility/potential) to work with, it will still take practice and discipline to learn karate (skill).

Get it?

Why am I talking about thinking?  Because if you don’t slow down and think clearly, you’ll make poor decisions, and mistakes. Your daily goals will be out of whack and if you make a bunch of mistakes, it’ll take considerable time to recover from them.

And we all know that if you have too many setbacks what’ll happen – you’ll get frustrated and quit.

Long term goals
Calm thinking is important when setting short term goals and long term goals

Here’s the first thing you need to do: Think Slowly.

Find a quiet place to sit and just let your mind wander. When a really good idea comes to mind, write it down.  Of course, whenever you allow your brain to think like this and get some air, it’ll drift in the direction of the goals you desire to achieve.

This is the brainstorming we were talking about.

There’s one big difference between brainstorming by thinking slowly and clearly versus sitting around a table of executives and quickly firing out ideas.  Instead of a bunch of rabid execs rapidly throwing out crappy ideas, you’ll be sitting alone and evaluating, pondering, and wondering.

Your thinking will be clear and more valuable.

You don’t need to do this for hours at a time; 15 to 20 minutes should be enough for your mind to come up with good ideas.  Make sure you carry a pad and pen with you as you go through your day and write down ideas as they come to you.

When you sit down for one of these sessions, you can review your notes so you can ponder them and think them through.

Remember, you can’t have decent daily goals without clear, quality thinking.

Prioritizing Your Goals

Each daily goal you have must be prioritized if you’re going to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

This is very easy to do.

Get out a notepad and a pen and write down each daily goal that you want to accomplish.  It doesn’t matter what order they’re in, just write them down.

Next, read each goal and think about how important it is.  You’ll want to start labeling your list by giving each daily goal a letter of priority like this:

Daily Goals

D – Wash clothes

C – Write blog post

B – Gym routine

F – Watch Survivor

A – Finish term paper

E – Clean out car

At this point, your list isn’t in order.   Rearrange it so you can see exactly what daily goal should come first, second, third, and so on.

Here’s what your list should now look like now:

A – Finish term paper

B – Gym routine

C – Write blog post

D – Wash clothes

E – Clean out car

F – Watch Survivor

See how simple that is?

Wait for a second…I’m detecting a bit of skepticism on your face.

You’re thinking, “Hey, what if one of those tasks is bigger than the others?  How should I place a bigger sized goal on my list?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  You merely have to add subtasks to the daily goal that’s larger.

Here’s a good example of what I mean:

A – Finish term paper

B – Gym routine

  1. Pushups (2 sets of 30)
  2. Setups (3 sets of 20)
  3. Jog in place (20 minutes)

C – Write blog post

  1. Conduct subject research
  2. Write introduction
  3. Write body
  4. Write 3 Subheads
  5. Write conclusion
  6. Add graphics
  7. Proofread

D – Wash clothes

E – Clean out car

F – Watch Survivor

Yep, it looks almost like a report outline when you add the subtasks.

Visibly Listing Your Daily Goals

Now we are at the fun part; getting your goals right in front of you so that you’ll be able to gain some traction.

There are a variety of ways to do this; we’re going to give you two clear-cut methods that we’ve found to be highly successful.

Post-It Note Method:

Since we are concerned with daily goals in this lesson more than we are with short term and long term goals, we are going to use a method that you can easily use every day.  In this case, we’re going to use Post-It Notes to place our daily goals right in front of us.

If you use your computer or laptop a lot, this idea will work really well for you.

Write down each one of your daily goals on to one of the posts it notes.  And paste them right in front of your work area.


daily goal setting
Daily goals can easily be set up using Post It Notes

If you’re working for at your computer, you can post them onto the front of your computer.  If you can’t do that, or if you’re working in a different area, you can post them on a wall, refrigerator, or anywhere that you’re forced to see them.

If you have subtasks, you can place the Post-It Notes on top of each other.  Once you’ve completed each daily goal, take that Post It Note and throw it away.  Once you’ve wiped out all of the notes, you’re finished!

You can reward yourself in some way. …Go outside and smoke a stogie, eat a block of cheese the size of a car battery, whatever trips your trigger.

Alternate Method of Completing Your Daily Goals

If you don’t want to use Post It Notes, you can use a whiteboard to list your daily goals.  You can buy these relatively cheap and hang them in different parts of your home or work area.

active goal setting
Using a white board is an excellent way laying out your daily goals so you can constantly see them.

Once again, you’ll list your goals much in the same way as we did before, except we’ll be placing them on a white board.  When you’re finished with one daily goal, you can either erase or cross out the completed goal.

Online Daily Goal Setting Tools and Apps

If you really want to kill this idea, get an app or use an online tool.  If you have multiple daily goals you have to complete in different places, then an app on your cell phone is the way to go.  Our WWS team has investigated some of the best online goal setting tools apps you can get your hands on and listed them here for your consideration.

Here’s our list:

Carrot To-Do List (iPhones only) This is probably the coolest app we’ve seen.  Unfortunately, if you don’t have an iPhone, you can’t get it.   The thing about this goal setting app that’s so cool is it can get snarky.

It will actually make fun of you if you don’t achieve your goals.  It is very simple to use and list your goals on.  We think that the reason why this app is so popular is that it’s fun as well as funny.  The developers have actually turned daily goal setting into a video game.

Habitica:  Gamifying Your Daily Goals (Available for Android from the Google Play Store)   This is also a fun app for keeping track of your short-term goals and long-term goals.

As a matter of fact, it’s almost like an old-style video game.  You can create your own pixelated icon and win different types of awards based on the goals you set and achieve.  You can list and check off daily and weekly goals as you finish them and receive points towards jewels and other prizes.  Habitica is a fun and a rather addicting way to set and accomplish your daily goals.

CoachMe  (Available for Android and your home PC.) You can use both the CoachMe app on your phone as well as your PC or Laptop.  This is a very simple and straightforward online program that coaches you through your goals.

You simply list your daily goals, and every day CoachMe will send you an email reminding you to check in and report your progress.  You can network with others on CoachMe and encourage each other.  Not only that, but you can hire an online coach if you so desire.

Irunurun (PC and Android) Actions speak louder than words.  This is a simple app that’ll help you set up each daily goal so that it will eventually achieve your long-term goals with great clarity. It takes less than a minute to get into the program and set it up.  Of course, you can have multiple goals and view them in a way that will remind you that you need to knock them out.

There are different versions of this application with different price points, but the free one is good enough to get you started on achieving your dreams.


Setting your daily goals and getting your dreams on the fast track is not rocket science.  You do have to have a serious attitude toward commitment and a dedication to your work.

Start using these ideas and tools today.

If you want to get started fast, just start with one goal.  By taking action on one specific item you’ll have early successes that’ll motivate you to set more goals in other areas of your life.

You have only one life to live and the time to make it incredible is right now.


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