The Power of Influence is Your Greatest Weapon

The Power of Influence is Your Greatest Weapon

Your greatest asset in your cache of weaponry of business or anything you do in life is INFLUENCE. Understanding how you can be influential is not always an easy thing to do, nor is it simple to master. Many people throughout the decades have studied this trait for both the good and evil for personal development. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have that capability of being told to go ahead of the line in the Wal-Mart checkout lanes or maybe go ahead of the other person in the line for a ride at the amusement park?

I have often thought about my observations and tried to understand what makes one person have that trait, look or whatever it may be to have others allow them to go in front. Maybe it was a number of products in their hand, not having a cart, or maybe it was their family size of having children with them seemingly in despair and the person may feel guilty to let them go ahead….

After numerous encounters of such situations, I began to finally pick up on what was really going on. The influential nature of people having a reason seemed to be the most noticeable factor. Those who would either ask with a reason or would seemingly have a reason to have that allowed them to be selected for moving ahead of the line in front of others. Even looking back from my personal experiences when I had let others ahead of me, I finally focused in on the “reason” I let myself tell another to go ahead! It was for the simple fact of meaning, or as I said, they had a reason or “excuse” to be let in front of me. This is a case of request plus reason. The effectiveness of such is almost doubled than those without a reason, according to a Harvard study conducted by social psychologist Ellen Langer.  Overall if we ask someone to do us a favor with a reason, we will be more successful at it than if we have no reason at all. Try it with having people share and like your Facebook postings.

Ultimately influence stems from emotion. The way we add value or portray value to someone is the most important. As stated above the situations from those getting to jump line stemmed primarily on the way they used reasoning or “because”. Now understanding that overall the “because” is a form of value in its unique way, those people felt the need to allow others to jump the line. Or more simply put, emotion was used in such a way that created the sense of guilt following the action of allowing someone to gain access to the line ahead. Is this a form of abusing the form of influence? Most definitely. You can decide to use the test or not the next time you are at Wal-Mart and see if you feel guilty for using it 🙂

 Tony Robbins discusses the area of being “Resourceful” meaning how to utilize your strongest personal assets such as being a leader to inspire others, generosity, adding value, and whatever else allows someone to feel influenced by you. To be able to influence others, you have to be able to be influenced. To be able to add value to someone, you have to have the capability to be able to add value to yourself. Now, what does that mean? If you are not influenced by anything then the energy you create will obviously be lame or insufficient. Now take for instance if you are influenced, then you have the drive to push through learning, create inspiration, create energy and there for others will be attracted by your character through the law of attraction.

Overall the influence you give off enables change in people and offers them a world of increasing value. The power of influence depends on how you interact with people, offer them value, energy, charisma, humor, or other characteristics that enable others to feel positive one way or another. Begin to learn the power of influence by offering your service to increase others gains before your own, and you will start to see an increase in the success of your business, life, relationships, social life and etc.


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