The Only Two Things That You Will Ever Need To Motivate Yourself

The Only Two Things That You Will Ever Need To Motivate Yourself

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Ryun

In the past, I have read and written about motivation. However, the more I took the time to study about it, the more I realized that it was never that complicated as I used to think. Now granted, there are tons of tips that can be helpful! There are also strategies and tactics that I have used that have turned out to be useful. However, all of this eventually boils down to two main things. Some people might think that these two things are so deceptively simple that they might stop reading once I have named them. However, reading more on this would help to understand how these two things can be used towards motivation of any goal. The two things are; 1) using positive public pressure and 2) making things enjoyable. THAT’S IT!

Using Positive Public Pressure

Although peer pressure is often considered to be a bad thing, if properly used, it can prove to be a good thing. It is advisable not to put pressure of a too high or of a too low intensity. We should learn to keep things normal and try to ensure that they are at a manageable intensity level. By doing so, this will ensure us that things are moving along nicely. An example of how you could use positive public pressure to motivate yourself is;

Emailing your friends and family members and letting them know the goals that you have set, and then request them to hold you accountable. You should them email them on a regular basis informing them on the progress that you have achieved.

What's standing between you and success?


Making Things To Be Enjoyable

Using the positive public pressure, one can motivate themselves to do things that they do not like doing. There are, however, certain things that we do not enjoy doing but we are forced to do them because we desire to achieve something. There are several ways that we can find enjoyment in things. The secret is focusing more on the enjoyable part. Try and find enjoyable parts of an activity and focus on them. With time, you will find yourself to be loving something.

An example of how this motivational principle can be used to its advantage is;

If the case of eating healthy is a challenge to you. Get healthy foods that you love and now, experiment with a new recipe and enjoy testing them.


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