The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

“It’s still word of mouth that is going to make or break a show, and while critics can’t help a show, they can hurt it.” – Mitch Leigh

The every first thing that each of us learned the day we started going to school was that ‘human beings are social animals.’ We all enjoy having discussions with our friends, family members, colleagues and we always share our daily situations with each other. There are certain things that we share and consider them to be very small, and we assume they cannot have any impact. For instance, one might share things such as ‘that new application is fantastic! You should all try it out’ or sharing, ‘eww don’t go to that hotel, I found a piece of hair in my food.’ Such sayings which sound very small can actually impact a brand’s name significantly and consequently can either increase or decrease a business’s sales. Through the digital age, customers are able to talk about a business, and this would likely influence other people and therefore create a ‘snowball effect.’ The image of a brand can easily be created or destroyed through word of mouth.  It is important for marketers to measure word of mouth and ensure that they have adapted accordingly. Marketers should constantly ensure that they are trying to satisfy the needs of their customers and they are meeting their expectations.

While marketing involves window dressing and a lot of deceit, a world of mouth adds a dimension of credibility to a business. Many businesses do not address word of mouth especially if it is negative. It is important for a business organization to try and establish good relationships with their customers. They can do this by asking their customers questions and by apologizing whenever they have not satisfied a customer. By doing this, the business would overcome impacts of negative word of mouth.

Word of mouth not only affects the most popular products but it also affects the less popular products. When a customer is merely satisfied with a product, they would rarely talk about it, however, if there tends to be a small flaw, they would go ahead and exaggerate and speak negatively. Negative feedback often has more influence than positive. Every business organization needs to ensure that it does everything positive in order to please its’ customers particularly the influential customers. Word of mouth needs to be the most important factor businesses should oversee so it has a stronghold on the market.


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