The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. “ — Napoleon Hill

The Power of Influence

When we think of influence and being influential what comes to mind? Is it the power to lift people up when they are depressed or emotionally down? Is it the power to bring about inspiration within their life or workplace? The most distinguishing factor between a manager and a leader is their ability to inspire and motivate other people. The most effective leader is one who can successfully influence up, down, and across a business organization. Such leaders would impact the result of a business by driving behavior change. It is, however, important to note that influencing behavior is never a one-time event. It is a process that happens continuously, and it is also an investment which any business organization needs to make to their employees. An organization can set its leaders up for success if it incorporates training into leadership development programs. Other than in business organization, the power of influence can as well be experienced in our day to day lives. Children, for instance, are mostly influenced by their parents on how they conduct themselves.

Importance of Influence

Each of us wants to have full control over his or her own life. However, in a world where everyone is mutually interdependent, no one would have an absolute control over anything inclusive of time. Influence seems to be the only thing that we have in abundance. It also appears to be the only power that functions linearly. The closer an individual is to us, whether physically or emotionally, the greater our influence would be to them. For this reason, our attempt to either control or influence others never requires our conscious intent. Influence is always exerted from what we say, from what we do, and by simply being the people that we are. The influential means to which we gain a positive relationship with others is created by the law of attraction. That attraction is often created by emotions, humor, interests, knowledge, and other positive factors that lure people to one another.

Being Influential

While we might unconsciously think that no one is watching us, someone is always there watching.  This might be your employees, your siblings, your friends, your child or even just a stranger on the road. People are encouraged by others who are of good nature. By becoming influential, one would be creating value with his or her life. It is important that we became a good example to other people not with conscious intent since it has very little power to encourage. The more we surround ourselves with those who are positive, the higher chances that we will live a happier life. Consequently, by our own influential vibes, we would also convert others into being influential and positive. Leaders are often said to be those who lead from the front and not the back. Great leaders create other leaders.


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