Masterminding E-Commerce Business While Working a 9 to 5

Masterminding E-Commerce Business While Working a 9 to 5

Working a 9 to 5 and having enough time and energy to run a successful side business for many seems impossible arrangement. The vast majority of people are locked into a spinning cycle that gets them to work and brings them back home, without leaving enough time for even thinking about starting their own business, and leaving the unlimited amount of opportunities for doing business online to others who are doing it!

Family and friends, employer commitment, lack of time, energy and resources and the work-life balance, in general, are the first thoughts on your mind when thinking about this challenge. Even though you’re maybe right, at first sight, I’ll show you that it’s possible and worth the effort. Don’t make excuses, and let’s get to be creative!

Setting up your e-commerce business

Often people expect easy money from side businesses, without the extensive commitment to investment, management, production, and marketing. Well, that’s not possible. You must clearly define the mission and vision of your business and develop an operational and marketing strategy.

Your steady income from a 9 to 5 job needs to serve as a basis for investment in your e-commerce business. However be smart, and utilize your investment wisely when doing so. Make sure your bills are paid, and the food is on the table for your family. Use the amount needed to kick things off, like Facebook advertisements, and enough time for direct marketing.

If you’re asking how you can do this and want more input, reach out to us, and we will teach you how with our consulting services or life coaching services!

No matter if you decide to sell goods or services, you must ensure proper marketing strategies, and prepare yourself to have top notch customer relationship management skills. Each detail of doing e-business requires equal attention. The quality is always the first experience someone will remember when doing business with you.

Effective marketing gives you a competitive advantage, while correct relations with your customers increases your public image, or “branding.”

In the beginning, you’ll have to dedicate more time and spend evenings and nights in shaping your e-commerce business. The ugly truth is that it’s not an easy process. However, if you’re upbeat about the potential of your business and you’re excited about its future, it won’t be so hard to say goodbye to the weekend getaways and delightful restaurants. It takes sacrifice, and constant work to build a successful internet based business.

Managing your time effectively

There are many success stories of e-commerce businesses that went through the same path as the one you’re about to take. The thing that the successful “sidepreneurs” understood well, is that there’s time for everything, you just need effective time management. Three things are crucial here: discipline, flexibility, and dedication.

As you’re facing limited time, create a strict schedule for your business activities and remain true to it. Mark your “time gaps” when you can check what’s going on with your business – while having a morning coffee, lunch break or while waiting in the line at the bank. Mobile phones allow us such flexibility. Use the free time to finish some tasks and don’t leave things for tomorrow that you can finish now.

There will be moments when the side business will be a top priority, especially when new customers and big orders are knocking on the door. Even though the surrounding individuals; friends and family may notice a serious change in your behavior and availability, those that support you will understand and appreciate your actions and efforts.

However, let’s stay in the real world: it’s crucial to not disregard your health, family and social life. Be ready for such events, like getting up at 6 a.m. to finish business-related tasks in order to be free to visit your grandma for her birthday. Effective time management will help you to get things going with your e-commerce business, without putting yourself and your loved ones on the bottom of the priority list.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind

Like in every other job, you’ll face a lot of everyday challenges while doing your business. Whether it is the production, delivery, customer relations or million other smaller and bigger issues, you’ll always face such points of distraction. Don’t let them occupy your mind! No matter how tough it may seem, always consider the long-term payoff of creating a prosperous e-commerce business.

Be aware that while having a 9 to 5 job, only a steady and consistent growth is possible for your e-commerce business. You must have firm patience and trust in success, which certainly won’t come overnight. So, don’t insist to launch the business at the same night when you got the idea about it. Putting an extra pressure on yourself with unnecessary tight deadlines may only bring bad results.

By working small and thinking big, you’ll steadily unleash the full potential of your e-commerce business. Always analyze your work and be honest with yourself and know what must be improved. Ask experienced people for advice, and don’t let the early success hypnotize your brain. Stay humble when things start to take off. That is one of the biggest killers in success. Once having it, learn to manage it!


Utilizing the available resources online

In today’s fast action and technical world, there are a bunch of tools, social media networks and marketing mechanisms out there. As you’ll have limited time, it is not a good idea to experiment with them all. Focus on the ones that really impact your business and give them enough time to bring results.

For example, if you already have an extensive presence on Twitter, use it as your primary marketing channel. Or if you see that Google AdWords brings you to work, then upscale your efforts there.

There’s also one great tool that allows you to outsource your work to others, and that is Fiverr. Using such services allows you to hire freelancers on a friendly budget to knock out the things that you need to be done, but may not have time for.

If you see that you really don’t have time for some business operations than try outsourcing. If you can manage to earn more than the cost for outsourcing person or company, then go after it – it is a simple math. For example, instead of processing and shipping each order, hire someone to complete the work for you.

If you are not good with bookkeeping and accounting, find a pro who can easily finish that for you. While outsourcing decreases your profit, it has a positive impact on your business in the long run.

On the other side, many apps and online tools allow process automation. Instead of managing social media accounts day by day, spend one evening to schedule your posts for the whole week. Also, automate e-mail communication and enable each new registered visitor on your website to automatically receive newest offers and discounts.


Even though your 9 to 5 job is still your main income-generating activity, don’t underestimate the potential of the e-commerce business. It’s a battle against time, energy, private life, and many other “opponents”. But the pleasure of receiving your first dollar through your own e-commerce business cannot be compared to the pleasure when getting a salary from your employer each month.

Stay focused, work hard and don’t let anything distract you on the road towards success. It may require to go the extra mile, but you must stay passionate and motivated. Have you ever thought about being your own boss and working flexible time? Well, launching an e-commerce business in parallel with your 9 to 5 job is the starting point. With a lot of dedication and strategic foresight, it may become your full-time business and main income source. Or maybe even more? But, it depends on your motivation.

Just look at the success stories of many entrepreneurs and you’ll see that there is no easy start, but getting to the finish line is what matters the most.

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